Dudu Osun Black Soap

April 24, 2016

Dudu Osun African black soap is the original soap made in Nigeria. It has great effects against bacteria, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne and other skin conditions. 12 packs of Dudu Osun soap can be bought for only 35 dollars on Amazon, and it is a great deal you get.

This soap is made entirely from natural ingredients and there aren't any chemical additions in it. It is fully degradable and has no preservatives of any kind, not even artificial color. You get it in the same form it was made in Nigeria, except it is packed in the vacuum in order to preserve it in its original condition.

Black Soap 12 Bar Value Pack By Dudu Osun

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You might get alarmed once you notice residues of plant fiber that look like hair, and some small stones or twigs. But if you want real black soap you have to buy it raw, and raw means it isn't filtered. These residues are more than often charred bark and charred plant fiber residues that can be easily removed in several ways. You can either remove them as you stumble on them, or you can liquefy it to remove everything and they dry it in order to return it to its original state.

Some people said that they have used distilled water and melted the soap in it. Through this process, they have made normal soap blocks out of black soap. This isn't bad, but it might remove some of the positive effects of the African soap, so proceed on your own accord.

A small bar of soap can be used for a long time, and some people have said that their black African soap dried out and they had to dispose of it. And some said that they bought the soap and it arrived completely dried out. To prevent crumbling of the soap you can gently add a small amount of water to it and stick it together and it will help. Another way is to find a plastic bag and fill it with dried soap and heat it to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can find Dudu Osun soap in many places in the USA, so feel free to try it out, you will thank me later.

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