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April 24, 2016

You will see many dermatologists in the commercials recommending African black soaps that are made in the USA by big companies, but you should know that the production procedure is very different from original raw soap production. Because of that, I would recommend Raw African soap from Ghana (it can be found on Amazon, 1 lb for 12 dollars).

If you buy this soap from Ghana you are not buying it from a company that aims to earn more money, you are buying it from African families who make this soap in order to raise their children and earn money for living.

African Black Soap 

Imported From Ghana 1lb

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And if you buy this soap you should be aware of the making process, and only then you will realize why some people complain about this soap. First of all, there are no factories in which those families make the soap; it is made from the scratch only by hands. The majority of the ingredients of this soap are ashes of different ingredients which give the color of the soap. And due to the way it is made, there are small fragments of wood, stone, and glass that end up in the soap. This is why every dermatologist who knows something about African soap will advise you to use it with a shower puff, or to liquefy it to extract those fragments.

Raw African soap is excellent for deep cleaning of the skin and it is also very helpful in removal of skin bumps and spots. If you buy a piece of raw soap it will not be ready for use. In order to use it, you have to take a piece of it and shape it with your hands to gain a desirable size and shape of the soap.


Black type of soap is very dry product and due to that, it absorbs a lot of water and other liquids. It is good for removal of makeup, but prolonged use may completely dry out your skin which will lead to tears in it. You should store the soap far from any source of fluid because it will keep absorbing it until it completely dissolves. Any form of the ceramic or plastic holder that can cover the soap and cut it from the outside influences is a good storage container for African soap.

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