Best Raw African Black Soap

April 24, 2016

There are several natural ways to keep your skin nice and dry and acne free, and African soap is arguably the best product for that.

Now, there are several manufacturers of this soap but the best option is to buy raw organic as well as natural and pure African soap. It isn't s expensive as some would want you to think, it costs only $8 for 1 lb on Amazon.

If you buy this product you will get 100% natural soap without any synthetic byproducts or any additional ingredients that don't belong there. This soap is made in Africa by small communities, and the main ingredients are glycerin, Shea butter, plantain skins and kernel oil. Due to high demand for this soap, some western companies started producing them, but they are far from real black African soap, and you should watch for these synthetic African soaps.

African Black Soap

Raw Organic Natural Pure

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Now, as you are already aware, real organic soap is made in a natural way, without the safety precautions found in manufacturers who have product lines and so on. So, it will not be a surprise if you find remnants of small rocks and sometimes even small fragments of glass in your soap. Twigs are also the common thing to be found in an African soap. Even if you forget about this those fragments will not be able to cause considerate harm to your body, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

In order to avoid being scratched by these fragments, you can try to pick them out along the way. But that will not be 100 percent successful, and you might stumble on one or two miniature fragments in the bath, which is not good. In order to completely clean the soap of all the alien fragments the best possible option for you is to liquefy the soap and run it through something that will allow the liquefied soap to pass and that will stop those fragments. After that, you leave the soap to cool down and you can use it safely. Another way to avoid scratches is to always apply the soap to shower puff and use it that way.

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